Introduction Pasquale Di Tucci

From 1 september, Pasquale Di Tucci has joined our team as General Manager. Please find herewith a short introduction:

“Hi, I’m Pasquale Di Tucci. I am 55 years old and married to Corinne van den Boomgaard. We live in Steenbergen in Brabant, where we settled in 1996. Our children Luca (22 years) and Rosa (20 years) are in the final stages of their student phase and are about to fly out. This gave me even more time to fulfill my position as General Manager at L. Timmerman & Zn.
During my career I have always been very active and interested in all various facets of technology, . A wide variety of equipment such as bearings, v-belt drives, sprockets, overhead cranes, hoisting equipment, geared motors and frequency innverters have been passing in my career. I have always been involved in management, sales, planning, work preparation, execution and relationship management.
From 1 September I joined L. Timmerman and am already well informed about the very diverse, challenging activities, the organization and extensive collaborations within the company.
At L. Timmerman there are many great challenges and opportunities ahead. I am looking forward to cooperate and achieve our goals together with the entire team. With our highly valued relations, we will continue to exist for at least another 100 years!”

You can call Pascuqale via tel. +31 (0)118 611351 and per mail:




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