In recent years our organization has grown into a company with an area of 5,800 m2,

of which 2,500 m2 is built with a workshop for the construction machinery,

a hall for industrial repairs, a separate room for the machining department and a large warehouse.

There are now 40 employees with different specializations active throughout Europe.


We are always in step with the market, resulting in a wide range of activities.

The company comprises three departments:

Timmerman Bouwmachines, Timmerman Industrial Repairs and Timmerman Verspaning.


Custom made


Looking back

On 4 June 1919, the first advert appeared in the ‘Middelburgsche Courant’ mentioning ‘Electro Machine Smederij’ under the name ‘L. Timmerman’. From that time on, Leonard Timmerman was at the wheel of the foundry and the company received its distinctive trademark. In 1922, the first expansion took place at the Nederstraat in Middelburg. In the 1950s, Max and Henk, the sons of Leonard, became joint owners of the company, taking full control in the 1960s. At that point, their own sons, John, Fred and Leo, also started working at the firm. In 1963, the company moved to the Oude Veerseweg due to a shortage of space. In the 1970s, John took over the company from his father Henk, and the company moved to its current location on the Siloweg in Middelburg. In 2006, son Marc took over the company from his father John, seeing the fourth generation of Timmerman take the wheel of the organisation.

Major steps towards the future

In recent years, we have expanded into a company with a surface area of 5,800 m2, including 2,500 m2 with a workshop for construction machines, a hall for industrial repairs, a separate space for the machining department and a large warehouse.

Mission and vision

Our services are characterised by the flexibility and quality we deliver. We are versatile, highly skilled and expert problem-solvers. A client’s wishes are always our starting point. We translate these into practice in the most suitable way for you, always in consultation with you, of course. Whatever your problem, we have a solution.


We pursue long-term cooperation and a high degree of customer satisfaction.

This requires the constant improvement of operating processes and the delivery of total solutions.

We are well-known for the versatility of our services and the integrity of our personnel.

To realise our ambitions, we continually monitor the quality of our products, implementing improvements where necessary.


Working at L. Timmerman & Zn. means a varied career in an innovative setting.

We aim to be market leader. So we are always looking for ambitious talent.


We place a high priority on expertise and safety.

This is not only important for our clients, but also for our own employees.

L. Timmerman & Zn. is SCC certified. This shows that our operations are carried out safely and healthily.

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