The ITR line of undercarriage products offers the most complete range available on the market. It includes standard excavator and dozer applications in addition to a full range of undercarriage components for asphalt, drilling and logging equipment.

Its production experience and design expertise with regard to the undercarriage products line well enables ITR to provide customised products for specific applications.

Rubber tracks

Since the late 1990s, the two undercarriage product lines for mini excavators and rubber tracks have demonstrated a strong and steady growth. Today, USCO can boast the most comprehensive product range worldwide, thanks to the non-stop study of new applications launched by reference manufactures.

The rubber tracks are the fruit of a long row of design studies and tests in the field, which have led to the achievement of an excellent quality level and the necessary confidence to assign the ITR brand name to the product.

At the same time that the rubber tracks were being developed, USCO expanded its research, development and design of all other components. Due to this on-going research, mini excavator components, such as sprockets, idlers, rollers and chains, now complete and integrate the product range in such a way as to provide a complete solution for any mini excavator.


Service & overhaul

Service and overhaul of your equipment is done in our workshop, at our quayside units, but on-site is also possible. We carry out repair and maintenance work on all sorts of machines and low loaders, regardless of make. We possess fully equipped service vans and an expert and experienced service team that is ready to serve you 24 hours a day. But we also supply parts for all common makes of machine.


You must be able to rely on your equipment at all times. If the technology lets you down, you can depend on our engineers to help, either in our workshops or on-site. If you’ve suffered a malfunction, then call us on +31 (0)118 611 351 (also available outside office hours).


We carry out repair and maintenance work on all sorts of machines and low loaders, regardless of make. We have a well-equipped workshop and fully kitted out service vans. Our well-trained and experienced service team is ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also supply parts for all common makes of machine that can be collected from us or, if required, shipped to you directly.


The construction machines department carries out or organises various crane inspections on a weekly basis, both at our site or on-site where you are. We employ inspectors for this purpose who are trained by Aboma. They can inspect pretty much any type of construction machine.

We have an extensive range of test weights and a certified tensile-force meter. If any shortcomings are detected, they can often be resolved immediately in our workshop or on-site.


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