Case: Euroports opts for bespoke solution

Euroports manages six domestic river terminals, six on-site terminals and twenty deep-sea terminals. The terminals offer various types of specialized storage, including facilities with climate control and a terminal that has received the International Food Standard (IFS) certification. Each terminal provides easy access to important markets by road, rail, inland waterways or by sea.

At the Inland terminal in Seraing (BE) they already used a Liebherr 944 and a 954, which were previously put on a truck by L. Timmerman & Zn. One of these machines was due for replacement and so SOMTP, the importer of Liebherr, contacted the question if this was possible with a new machine (LH60). Harry Bouillon, responsible for projects and maintenance at Euroports, talks to us about the cost savings that they can realize thanks to the refurbishment Timmerman did on the machine.

Flexibility and cheaper unloading
“At the Inland terminal ships are unloaded along a channel. We were looking for a solution to be able to unload at different locations per day, “says Bouillon. “With the machine that L. Timmerman & Zn has grown for us, we only need one person who is both driver and operator at the same time. There is therefore no need for a separate low-loader to transport the machine. That saves time and costs. ”

Modern wishes and safety requirements
L. Timmerman & Zn took into account the fact that Euroports was looking for a young truck with a maximum height of 3.95 meters. In collaboration with SOMTP, capacity and reach were also achievedĀ of the machine. “An older truck is not desirable in connection with the availability of parts,” says director Marc Timmerman. “But soon we found out that the
current trucks are much higher than the older trucks, and then the transport height would become too high. Fortunately, we found a 6-axle Spierings truck that we could use. ”

The mobile material handler was adapted to the requirements of Belgian road traffic. “The mast can now be folded up better in connection with transport height, and the crane is positioned in such a way that the distribution of the axle loads meets the regulations,” explains Timmerman. “We have also worked on the accessibility of the cabin, by making a special folding platform. Now maintenance is easier to carry out. “In addition to the modifications, a new hazard analysis and risk reduction was made for the current CE regulations.

L. Timmerman & Zn has a lot of experience with special projects and certifying them. Thanks to the excellent preparation and cooperation between Liebherr, SOMTP, Euroports and L.
Timmerman & Zn a nice result was achieved. Bouillon: “We now have a modern machine on a modern truck that meets today’s requirements. On Belgian registration! “

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