During on-site processing, it is possible to realise multiple machining processes, such as manufacturing pins and bushes. Common repairs include welding and milling of ejected pivots, for instance. A few examples include: crane parts, shovel arms and bridge sections. But new structures can also be machined.

Our mobile cutter machine means we can weld from a diameter of min. 60mm to max. 350mm and cut from min. 50mm to max. 350mm at a span of 1250mm.


Our engineers translate your ideas, wishes or requirements into a design. They draw up the necessary 3D-drawings, capacity specifications and strength calculations. We work with modern CAD-programmes and Finite Element Analysis. This methodology allows complex structural behaviour to be modelled, with the benefit being a closer approximation of the definitive situation already at the design phase. It is then also possible to analyse multiple design variants in a short period and to select the best option.

Bespoke solutions

We come up with a solution that reflects your wishes, regardless of whether it relates to new construction machines or appliances, or to electrical, mechanical or hydraulic systems, modifications to undercarriages or cabins. But we’ll also supply you with appliances for your construction machine that fully meet your wishes and requirements.

Production in our workshops

In our fully equipped metal and hydraulic workshops, we employ skilled welders and mechanics who ensure that you get a top-notch end product. The welding, hydraulics and assembly of the construction machines and appliances are all completed here.



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