Case: Unique powerhouse for Cordeel Nederland

Cordeel Nederland BV is active in new construction, renovation and maintenance of industrial construction (production, logistics, bulk storage), offices, non-residential building (care, education, government), civil and hydraulic engineering (quays, bridges, dry docks) and commercial real estate. Driven and full of enthusiasm, they design and realize in a safe manner high-quality, sustainable buildings and constructions for companies and governments. The focus is always on customer satisfaction and respect for people and the environment.

In the field of European Bulk Services in the port of Rotterdam, the festive key transfer of the new Sennebogen 6113 took place recently. “We chose this machine because we were looking for a widely deployable crane, which offers the possibility to operate under various conditions,” explains Jaap Hoekman, head of material service at Cordeel.

Unique powerhouse
Cordeel Nederland approached L. Timmerman & Zn. with the demand for a powerful machine with great lifting power, which can be used in areas with unpaved or uneven surfaces. The choice fell on the Sennebogen 6113, which was equipped with a undercarriage with long caterpillars, which makes it easy to maneuver with loads. “This machine can move easily, even with load, which ensures more efficiency and flexible deployment,” explains Bart Jansen, account manager at L. Timmerman & Zn. from. “This crane is unique, robust and a real powerhouse.”

The machine is used for the construction of new storage sheds on the EBS site. “This kind of terrain requires a stable and powerful machine. The 6113 has welded flat plates on camstroms, which gives extra counterweight. In addition, the crane has the advantage that it can still carry out its work at an incline of up to four degrees, “Hoekman continues. The crawler crane is constructed so robustly that it clearly distinguishes itself from the competition in lifting capacity in bad terrain conditions, as is often the case on construction sites. “Of course we have had it sprayed in our company color,” laughs Hoekman.

Work comfortably
The crane operator has also been thought of: the climate in the cab is always pleasant thanks to 10 evenly distributed fan outlets and the air-sprung seat is equipped with seat heating. The hinged windscreen and the ability to tilt the cab 20 degrees ensure that the operator has a clear view of the work.

L. Timmerman & Zn. is dealer of the Sennebogen Crane Line products (lattice boom cranes and telescopic cranes). In addition to the delivery of new machines, L. Timmerman & Zn. also parts and professional service. This special machine was made by L. Timmerman & Zn. delivered to Cordeel, thanks in part to the good service that is provided and the already established relationship between the two companies.

Customer Cordeel Nederland BV
Category Construction machines

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