ZRD staat voor Zeeuwse reinigingsdienst. De hoofdreden voor de oprichting van de Zeeuwse Reinigingsdienst B.V. (ZRD) was de optimale afvalverwijdering voor de Zeeuwse burgers. De belangrijkste taak is dan ook het inzamelen van huishoudelijk afval. Dit wordt gedaan op twee manieren, via ophaling (haalmethode) en via inzameling op de milieustraten (brengmethode).
Daarnaast biedt de ZRD ook andere diensten aan zoals; het handmatig of machinaal vegen van straten en pleinen, kolkenreinigen, inzamelen grofvuil en KCA, beleidsonderzoek en advisering op het gebied van afvalstoffen, inzamelen oud papier en karton en het inzamelen / opbulken en transport naar eindverwerking van Kunststof Flessen, Flacons en drankenkartons (KFF+).

Meer gewicht en grotere capaciteit

De Hyundai HL940A met stage V motor is de machine welke gekozen is door ZRD. Met deze machine is het bedrijf weer klaar voor de toekomst. ZRD heeft voor deze machine gekozen voor een grotere capaciteit en meer gewicht te hebben en in de toekomst mogelijk ook andere afvalstromen te kunnen verwerken. Voorheen had men een Atlas 95 (8T) machine, deze hebben wij nu vervangen door onze HL940A Stage V (13,5T). Er is gekozen voor L.Timmerman vanwege de goede en vertrouwde relatie.

De machine draait op locatie Goes, hier wordt het oud papier en plastic afval van diverse Zeeuwse gemeenten verzameld. Met deze machine drukt men dit afval ineen en wordt dit
vervolgens opgedrukt op een hoop om daarna, met de door ons eerder geleverde Komatsu PW200 uitgevoerd met grijper, de diverse vrachtwagens te kunnen laden. Deze machine is buiten de optionele zaken af fabriek binnen Timmerman opgebouwd met hoogkiepbak en snelwisselsyteem van Eurosteel, machinekeuring en aanvullende werkverlichting. De firma Wiejelo heeft een ILC-automatisch vetsmeersysteem opgebouwd. Daarnaast is er op deze machine een onderhoudscontract afgesloten met L.Timmerman zodat ook de komende jaren de machine gekeurd en service krijgt!

Timmerman & Zn. is dealer van Hyundai construction equipment. Naast de levering van nieuwe machines, levert L. Timmerman & Zn. ook onderdelen en vakkundige service. Deze speciale machine werd door L. Timmerman & Zn. geleverd aan ZRD, mede dankzij de goede service die geleverd wordt en de reeds opgebouwde relatie tussen de twee bedrijven.

Tata Steel is the fifth largest steel company in the world. The Dutch site in IJmuiden is known for the production of high-quality steel for various applications. This steel is mainly used in the automotive, construction and packaging industries. Tata Steel strives to minimize the impact of its processes on the environment. To achieve this, the steel company undertakes various activities with regard to safety and health, emission reduction and the protection of air and living quality.

The first diesel pan lifter was delivered in 1998 by L. Timmerman & Zn. “At that time there was no question of electric vehicles, and the main requirement was that the car be able to bear and lift the weight of an empty pan.” This is Hans Pronk, Operations Manager at Tata Steel. “We use the pan wagon for maintenance on our steel pans. After a while, the inner wall of such a pan must be replaced. Then we drive these wagons underneath, after which the more than 125-tonne pan is lifted from his goat to be moved to another room where the pan is re-coated. ” in use. Both cars have a maximum lifting capacity of 150 tons.

Sustainable & environmentally conscious
Tata Steel believes it is very important to offer a safe and healthy working and living environment with equal opportunities for all, sustainable energy supply, and the maintenance of biodiversity and combating climate change. “An electric pan-lifting trolley fits perfectly within these initiatives,” Pronk continues. “The diesel cars not only make a lot of noise, they are also not exactly environmentally friendly. Because the company Timmerman made the first cars tailor-made for us, it was a logical step to use them for the conversion to electrical. Now we have a car that produces no emissions and is also quiet, which is nice for the people who work with it. ”

First of its kind
“We have converted this pan wagon in our workshop in Middelburg from two diesel to two electric motors.” We speak of Michiel Thijs, Technical Product Manager at L. Timmerman & Zn. “Our services are characterized by our flexibility and the quality that we deliver. The wishes of the customer are always our starting point. When the question arose whether we could transform our pan wagon into an environmentally friendly variant, we didn’t hesitate for a moment. It is the first electric car of its kind, we are quite proud of that. ”

L. Timmerman & Zn has a lot of experience with special projects and the certification thereof. “Thanks to the confidence that Tata Steel has in us, we have the opportunity to think outside the box, with a fantastic result as a result,” said Michiel Thijs. Pronk adds: “We now have a future-proof car that fits in with our environmental and sustainability strategy.”

Supermaritime Nederland BV is capable of efficiently transporting all types of cargo that move through the port of Vlissingen, but is specialized in project related loads such as oil and gas, offshore, dredging and energy equipment. At the heart of their activities is unremitting efforts to deliver the highest quality services and meet the specific needs of customers with the extensive infrastructure at their disposal.

At the Supermaritime Nederland terminal in Vlissingen there is a special Sennebogen 2200. “There is only one of these,” says Martien Burger, general manager. “We designed it ourselves and it was specially built for us.” The tire machine is equipped with a fixed cab platform. “And of course we had him spray in our own Supermaritime colors.”

Flexibility and speed
“At this terminal we use the machine for loading ships. Previously, we rented cranes from other terminals, but they are less flexible. Even the smaller cranes we could rent did not reach the bottom of the ships, “explains Burger. “With the arrival of the Sennebogen 2200 we are able to load and unload ships at multiple locations per day. The crane is on tires, because with caterpillars we would damage the terrain too much. “The steering ensures accurate positioning of loads, and the machine can drive safely under load. With an extremely large lifting area in both height and reach with variable boom system, this crane was the perfect solution for Supermaritime.

Safety and overview
Thanks to the elevated cab, loading ships is also much safer. No matter how high the water is, and thus the ship is along the quay, the operator always keeps an overview. “The advantage of the fixed increase is that the operator does not have to look up, which ensures a more comfortable working posture. During the loading the operator communicates with the boatswain, by means of hand gestures.

Thanks to the elevated cab, they can communicate well and the operator maintains an overview of the cargo and the ship, “Burger continues. In addition to the raised cab, the Sennebogen 2200 is equipped with a clean engine that meets the latest emission requirements, good for Supermaritime and the environment. Burger: “We now have a modern machine that meets all our capacity requirements, and we are proud of that!”

L. Timmerman & Zn. is for Zeeland dealer of the Sennebogen Crane Line products (lattice boom cranes and telescopic cranes). In addition to the delivery of new machines, L. Timmerman delivers
& Zn. also parts and professional service. This special machine was delivered by them to Supermaritime, with as starting point the unloading of ships on a quay and lifting work on the construction site.

Euroports manages six domestic river terminals, six on-site terminals and twenty deep-sea terminals. The terminals offer various types of specialized storage, including facilities with climate control and a terminal that has received the International Food Standard (IFS) certification. Each terminal provides easy access to important markets by road, rail, inland waterways or by sea.

At the Inland terminal in Seraing (BE) they already used a Liebherr 944 and a 954, which were previously put on a truck by L. Timmerman & Zn. One of these machines was due for replacement and so SOMTP, the importer of Liebherr, contacted the question if this was possible with a new machine (LH60). Harry Bouillon, responsible for projects and maintenance at Euroports, talks to us about the cost savings that they can realize thanks to the refurbishment Timmerman did on the machine.

Flexibility and cheaper unloading
“At the Inland terminal ships are unloaded along a channel. We were looking for a solution to be able to unload at different locations per day, “says Bouillon. “With the machine that L. Timmerman & Zn has grown for us, we only need one person who is both driver and operator at the same time. There is therefore no need for a separate low-loader to transport the machine. That saves time and costs. ”

Modern wishes and safety requirements
L. Timmerman & Zn took into account the fact that Euroports was looking for a young truck with a maximum height of 3.95 meters. In collaboration with SOMTP, capacity and reach were also achievedĀ of the machine. “An older truck is not desirable in connection with the availability of parts,” says director Marc Timmerman. “But soon we found out that the
current trucks are much higher than the older trucks, and then the transport height would become too high. Fortunately, we found a 6-axle Spierings truck that we could use. ”

The mobile material handler was adapted to the requirements of Belgian road traffic. “The mast can now be folded up better in connection with transport height, and the crane is positioned in such a way that the distribution of the axle loads meets the regulations,” explains Timmerman. “We have also worked on the accessibility of the cabin, by making a special folding platform. Now maintenance is easier to carry out. “In addition to the modifications, a new hazard analysis and risk reduction was made for the current CE regulations.

L. Timmerman & Zn has a lot of experience with special projects and certifying them. Thanks to the excellent preparation and cooperation between Liebherr, SOMTP, Euroports and L.
Timmerman & Zn a nice result was achieved. Bouillon: “We now have a modern machine on a modern truck that meets today’s requirements. On Belgian registration! “

Cordeel Nederland BV is active in new construction, renovation and maintenance of industrial construction (production, logistics, bulk storage), offices, non-residential building (care, education, government), civil and hydraulic engineering (quays, bridges, dry docks) and commercial real estate. Driven and full of enthusiasm, they design and realize in a safe manner high-quality, sustainable buildings and constructions for companies and governments. The focus is always on customer satisfaction and respect for people and the environment.

In the field of European Bulk Services in the port of Rotterdam, the festive key transfer of the new Sennebogen 6113 took place recently. “We chose this machine because we were looking for a widely deployable crane, which offers the possibility to operate under various conditions,” explains Jaap Hoekman, head of material service at Cordeel.

Unique powerhouse
Cordeel Nederland approached L. Timmerman & Zn. with the demand for a powerful machine with great lifting power, which can be used in areas with unpaved or uneven surfaces. The choice fell on the Sennebogen 6113, which was equipped with a undercarriage with long caterpillars, which makes it easy to maneuver with loads. “This machine can move easily, even with load, which ensures more efficiency and flexible deployment,” explains Bart Jansen, account manager at L. Timmerman & Zn. from. “This crane is unique, robust and a real powerhouse.”

The machine is used for the construction of new storage sheds on the EBS site. “This kind of terrain requires a stable and powerful machine. The 6113 has welded flat plates on camstroms, which gives extra counterweight. In addition, the crane has the advantage that it can still carry out its work at an incline of up to four degrees, “Hoekman continues. The crawler crane is constructed so robustly that it clearly distinguishes itself from the competition in lifting capacity in bad terrain conditions, as is often the case on construction sites. “Of course we have had it sprayed in our company color,” laughs Hoekman.

Work comfortably
The crane operator has also been thought of: the climate in the cab is always pleasant thanks to 10 evenly distributed fan outlets and the air-sprung seat is equipped with seat heating. The hinged windscreen and the ability to tilt the cab 20 degrees ensure that the operator has a clear view of the work.

L. Timmerman & Zn. is dealer of the Sennebogen Crane Line products (lattice boom cranes and telescopic cranes). In addition to the delivery of new machines, L. Timmerman & Zn. also parts and professional service. This special machine was made by L. Timmerman & Zn. delivered to Cordeel, thanks in part to the good service that is provided and the already established relationship between the two companies.