Case: First electric pan lift trolley for Tata Steel

Tata Steel is the fifth largest steel company in the world. The Dutch site in IJmuiden is known for the production of high-quality steel for various applications. This steel is mainly used in the automotive, construction and packaging industries. Tata Steel strives to minimize the impact of its processes on the environment. To achieve this, the steel company undertakes various activities with regard to safety and health, emission reduction and the protection of air and living quality.

The first diesel pan lifter was delivered in 1998 by L. Timmerman & Zn. “At that time there was no question of electric vehicles, and the main requirement was that the car be able to bear and lift the weight of an empty pan.” This is Hans Pronk, Operations Manager at Tata Steel. “We use the pan wagon for maintenance on our steel pans. After a while, the inner wall of such a pan must be replaced. Then we drive these wagons underneath, after which the more than 125-tonne pan is lifted from his goat to be moved to another room where the pan is re-coated. ” in use. Both cars have a maximum lifting capacity of 150 tons.

Sustainable & environmentally conscious
Tata Steel believes it is very important to offer a safe and healthy working and living environment with equal opportunities for all, sustainable energy supply, and the maintenance of biodiversity and combating climate change. “An electric pan-lifting trolley fits perfectly within these initiatives,” Pronk continues. “The diesel cars not only make a lot of noise, they are also not exactly environmentally friendly. Because the company Timmerman made the first cars tailor-made for us, it was a logical step to use them for the conversion to electrical. Now we have a car that produces no emissions and is also quiet, which is nice for the people who work with it. ”

First of its kind
“We have converted this pan wagon in our workshop in Middelburg from two diesel to two electric motors.” We speak of Michiel Thijs, Technical Product Manager at L. Timmerman & Zn. “Our services are characterized by our flexibility and the quality that we deliver. The wishes of the customer are always our starting point. When the question arose whether we could transform our pan wagon into an environmentally friendly variant, we didn’t hesitate for a moment. It is the first electric car of its kind, we are quite proud of that. ”

L. Timmerman & Zn has a lot of experience with special projects and the certification thereof. “Thanks to the confidence that Tata Steel has in us, we have the opportunity to think outside the box, with a fantastic result as a result,” said Michiel Thijs. Pronk adds: “We now have a future-proof car that fits in with our environmental and sustainability strategy.”

Customer: Tata Steel
Category: Custom made

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